Business Property

Business Property Insurance is a mainstay insurance policy for protecting your business assets against losses and accidental damage.

Products & Public Liability

Also known as Broadform Liability Insurance, Products and Public Liability is an integral insurance policy for all businesses. It’s designed to protect you and your business from claims against you and compensation you are forced to pay as a result of an accident caused by your negligence.

Business Interruption

Business Interruption Insurance is a policy designed to protect your business income after a loss and to ensure your business financial position is the same had the loss not occurred in the first instance.

Employee Dishonesty

Employee Dishonesty Insurance, otherwise known as Fidelity Insurance is a policy which protects your business against losses directly resulting from dishonest acts from your employees.

Theft & Money

Theft and Money Insurance is a policy to protect your cash from theft, burglary or damage, and your stock and valuable assets from theft and burglary.

Machinery Breakdown

Machinery Breakdown Insurance is a policy covering you for the cost of repairs or replacement for equipment which has broken down. This may also include consequential losses such as stock or profits whilst you await repair or replacement.

Glass & Emergency Repairs

Glass and Emergency Repair insurance is the urgent repairs of your shopfront, or office windows and doors in the event of an accident or malicious damage.

General Property

General Property Insurance is suited to businesses with field employees that carry assets or setup field assets they wish to protect against accidental loss, damage, fire or collision.

Professional Indemnity

Professional Indemnity provides protection against claims for losses which have occurred to a third party as a direct result of bad professional advice provided by your business.